Jackson Hole, Wyoming

I bought my first “real" camera near the end of 2015 in preparation for a trip to Iceland. I had no idea the deep connection I would soon have with photography, and how powerful and meaningful it would become for me. An attempt to bring home better vacation photos would result in finding a true passion. From then on I have taken every possible opportunity to get outside, get out of my comfort zone, and capture inspiring images.

Finding inspiration in the moments of beauty that solitude in nature can create, I will always be drawn to creating images of Mother Nature at her most awe inspiring moments. Photography of special places and people drives me to explore new places, stay up late and get up early, and to grow as an artist and human being.

As my life photographic pushes onward and upward, I now look to expand my skill set in pursuit of capturing the special moments that humans create and share with each other and our surroundings. As I expand into portrait, candid, and further lifestyle photography, I am always looking to work with great new people and create new friendships. Let's talk!

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and for supporting your local artists!

- Taylor Brown

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